Award Winning Premier Home Builder of Fine Living, offering luxurious designs as well as high-end renovations

B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. is a Triad home builder offering custom remodeling as well as new construction. We specialize in renovating and remodeling kitchens and baths, building outdoor areas (including patios and landscaping) and finishing basements. A custom home renovation by B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. includes custom details and specialized features that perfectly meld your home’s old design with the new construction.
B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. is an unlimited license contractor and as members of the North Carolina Home Builders Association, we stay informed on new trends and ideas in home building and are constantly learning and furthering our education to provide you with the most current and up to date opportunities for your home.
B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. can work with you to design your new construction but are equally comfortable working with your architect or designer to bring your unique vision to life.
We have earned a reputation for providing distinctive quality and uncompromising craftsmanship. We offer superior attention to detail and guarantee that your job will be done on time and to your demanding specifications. We will begin the process of transforming your home with a personal consultation where our main goal is to listen to you, take your ideas and find a way to turn them into reality while working within your lifestyle, situation and budget. 

For Triad home builders and renovators you can’t beat B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc.

Healthy built homes

Healthy Built Homes

Planning on building eco-friendly?  We are experienced in building "Healthy Built Homes", a system for home building that considers the environment and sustainability in construction methods and materials.  These methods and materials are designed to help you save energy, lower your carbon footprint, and ensure that the materials used in your home support the long term health of your family.  Healthy Built Homes allow you to rest assured knowing you've done your part for the health of your family, and for the health of the planet.  Ask our staff about it today!

Roofing Repairs, Window Replacements, and Siding Work

Renovations can be time consuming, costly and intrusive if not done correctly.B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. will get the job done quickly and efficiently for you, with as little aggravation and intrusion as absolutely possible.B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc.'s guarantee is that we will leave your home or office in as good if not better condition than we found it once the job is completed.
Here at B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc., we offer a number of high-quality exterior renovation and repair services, including roofing repairs, window replacements, and siding work. Get your property looking great for years to come — contact our experts today!

Residential Elevator Installation and More

With a large team of experienced builders, technicians, and craftsmen, we tackle a large selection of jobs that other contractors just won't do. From concrete counter tops to residential elevators, we'll get it installed and running in your home effectively and efficiently. For comprehensive home renovation, painting, and installation services, give our team a call today!

Preservation of Historical Commercial Buildings

Old buildings just have that little something special you won't find in their contemporary counterparts, especially when it comes to running a business out of one. Whether you've got a restaurant in a turn-of-the-century mechanics garage or you're running a retail shop out of one of the area's premiere historical homes, nothing can substitute for the feeling brought by a truly historical building. Here to help you keep your commercial space  and your business up-to-date with modern amenities while still capturing that feel of an old time business, B.E. Vaughn and Sons Inc, is here for you. 

Preservation of Residential Homes

Some homes are new and some homes are old, but only the most special homes can be considered antiques. If you're lucky enough to find yourself living in home with over a hundred years of history, you know that it does come with some difficulties in the realm of remodeling, renovation, and preservation. Dedicated to keeping your home as true to the original as possible while updating it for life in the modern world while staying up to local preservation society codes, we are the contractors to call. 
Get the home of your dreams. Call us today! (336) 884-8737
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